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Juliette Gray Voice Demos

Juliette offers a wide vocal range including warm, smooth, resonant, alto, deep, mature, friendly, and authentic. Her voiceover experience delivers an array of reads including believable, calming, charming, approachable, conversational, authoritative, upbeat, global, inviting, caring, warm, European, enthusiastic, French, wry, tasteful, classy, sophisticated, travel, world, luxurious, persuasive, dignified, trustworthy, convincing, corporate, educated, digital, technology, cruise, sensual, and enticing. Learn more.

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Voiceovers - British Female Voice Actor - VO
Service Type
Voiceovers - British Female Voice Actor - VO
Global, Virtual
Juliette offers voice over services consisting of a variety of VO genres including Commercials, various types of Narration from E-Learning, Corporate, The Arts, Human Rights, and Telephony.